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FAA 65 - Yager Family
(2011-10-28, 05:00 PM)ibofightback Wrote:
(2011-10-28, 04:52 PM)Bridgett Wrote: You can combine IBOships, as long as the LOS is preserved...Let's say that, in Deb's example, Miss Artistry, the Emerald, is directly sponsored by you, you can combine your business with hers. You can even do this in a non-marriage situation. Someone recently was recognised as a Crown--they had combined their Triple Diamondship with their immediate downline/family members' Diamondship.

Are you sure on that? I thought Amway stopped recognitions for merged businesses some years back?

In Europe, it is possible to combine 2 businesses if your personally sponsored IBO doesn't renew PROVIDED that he has only 1 qualified leg and provided that the combination of the 2 businesses doesn't result in attaining higher award level. As soon as your downline has 2 or more qualified legs, it can't be combined. The corporation takes over the business (it's then called PLACEHOLDER) and has several options how to handle it.
In the US, there is a similar rule which says:

6.7. Mergers and Combinations of IBs: No merger or combination of two or more existing IBs by reason of intentional affirmative act on the part of the owners shall be permitted that results in the merging IBs obtaining any level of achievement.
6.7.1. Only those mergers or combinations resulting from failure to file a Renewal Agreement, termination, resignation, death (with no designation of succession by heirs), or some involuntary event or cause beyond the control of any of the owners, shall be permitted, provided, however,that a permissible merger and combination must not be implemented until same has been reviewed and approved by the Corporation.
6.7.2. Under no circumstances will the Corporation approve a merger which results in an IBO attaining a higher award level.

Regarding parent-children, there is another rule:
6.9. Integration: An IBO who is a parent may integrate his or her IB with his or her child’s (children’s) IB provided the following conditions are met:
6.9.1. the child(ren) must be personally registered by the parents; or the parents must be personally registered by the child(ren).
6.9.2. the child’s (children’s) IB must have operated as a separate IB for not less than 10 years by date of implementation;
6.9.3. the child(ren) shall have achieved the level of at least Platinum as of the implementation date;
6.9.4. upon integration, the parent(s) and child(ren) agree to relinquish all rights to awards and reward level personally achieved in their own IBs;
6.9.5. request for integration shall be made inwriting at least 12 months, but not more than 24 months, prior to the implementation date;
6.9.6. in the event that the parent(s) are deceased or are not mentally or physically capable of running the IB before conditions 6.9.2. and 6.9.3. above have occurred, the children inheriting the IB of their parent(s) shall have the right to integrate the separate IBs in accordance with this Rule;
6.9.7. provided the above conditions will be met no later than the implementation date, the Legal & Ethics Committee of the IBOA International Board shall review such request and provide the Corporation with a recommendation. The Corporation shall evaluate the request in light of such recommendation and the goals, objectives, and benefits of the IBO Plan; and
6.9.8. upon the granting of the request for integration by the Corporation, implementation shall be as follows: the implementation date shall be September 1 after the passing of at least one full fiscal year following receipt of the written request; at the implementation date, the child(ren) and parent(s) are eligible for all awards and recognition to the separate IBs earned during the previous fiscal year; and all awards and recognition, based on the combined IBs, shall begin accruing as of the implementation date. Thus, any higher awards based on the combined IBs will be awarded upon completion of qualification after the implementation date.

The Kim's business (I assume Bridgett had them in mind) had been merged with that of their son when he qualified for Q12 level.
Right - so a child-parent merger is just fine for higher awards. Nice.
(2011-10-29, 10:47 AM)SP75 Wrote: Regarding parent-children, there is another rule:

Yes, right. Thanks SP75 for helping clarify...this has to do with family mergers.

I just thought of another one that occurred several years back. Similar to the first one I thought of--where the child is upline from the parents. In that scenario, the downline Sapphire mom and dad gave/sold their business to their upline/sponsor Sapphire son and daughter-in-law. So the son and daughter-in-law became Emeralds.

So while it can be the parents being the sponsors, the reverse can be true (as per the rules SP75 posted). In both scenarios, I think the parents were "getting on in years" and that was a significant factor in their decisions.

In both cases though, it is clear that everyone knew how to build and maintain an Amway Business. I think that's what the rules (like having to be an IBO for at least 10 years, and at least a Platinum) try to guard against...goofy peeps (even if they are family) not knowing what the heck they are doing and then instantly becoming high-ranking IBOs.
Thanks, Bridgett - that certainly makes sense. And yes, I've seen what happens when "goofy peeps" get control of a large IBOship......

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