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Amway Canada Growth Update
Recently Jeff Johnson from Amway Canada came to Edmonton to visit with the Leadership and discuss some of the awesome updates that are happening with respect to Amway Canada and Amway in general. I think this is all great news and worth sharing.

Estimated numbers only, nothing *Official* but Amway is tracking to be 11 Billion this year. The 1 billion dollar month sure helps and is only growth, so much they are projecting 20 Billion within this decade.

The Average age of an IBO last year was 30, it's now down to 26! The demographic are young professionals looking at this opportunity.

Sponsoring is up double digits compared to last year

Third party credibility is through the roof and only increasing

New Growth Incentives are coming within next year and the following years. Next fiscal (September) a new $500 dollar Fast Track Bonus is coming. Basically there is an opportunity to hit $1000 in Fast Track Bonus's within 6 months. With that 32% of new IBO's are earning Fast Track bonus's.

Canada is going to get 3 new Ribbon gift albums (About time!) and that will also include a gift registry.

Tons of new products are coming to Canada, including the Naraja (spelling) XS Blast (The orange flavour which is damn good!). Lots of new Nutrilite products as well

Nutrilite is continuing to be the largest vitamin and supplement company in the world and is tracking to be $5.4 Billion this year

This Alberta market is impacting Amway Canada and Amway as a whole and is pushing growth for all markets. Jeff had said in all his 20 years with Amway Canada he has never seen Emeralds with such a clean file. This is great news because we are getting the best example of how to build this business and is one of the biggest reasons why we are growing here. Outside of the income they are making from Amway as an Emerald they are going to get $142K in bonus's alone! because of the type of business they are building. Pretty much every bonus that is available to them they are going to get. Again that's outside of any other sources of income.

There were some talks about cheaper shipping and also a new distribution centre to help Western Canada within the next 1-2 years.

Lastly Amway Canada is going to celebrate 50 years next year which is pretty cool. Anyway that's all I got, but things are smoking here!
great news, thanks for the update
good info, please post some other regions if you have such updfates - about europe, about UK, about scandinavia etc...

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