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Tony, have you successfully owned and operated any other businesses prior to Amway?

I have had four, and many of the contributors here have also had some, so I suspect there might be a misunderstanding rather than a conspiracy to "ruin your chances."

If I were your upline Platinum, I might suggest you ask more questions to get a better understanding of what most of us are really trying to say, and why we think the questions you getting are obfuscating "real" issues, and unrelated to the questions you are getting.

It's your call, though.

Like the overall theme from us here intends to suggest, what YOU do is far more important than anything other people are doing, saying, asking, or achieving, even if you find value in those things along the way...
Though, as a side-note from personal experience, this forum is probably one of the *least* important places to spend your resources IF you are really committed to creating a profitable Amway business... Wink

Maybe you are the smart one.
Looks like we may have fallen into the trap of giving cross-line, even cross-market, counselling.

Assuming no "question behind the question", my answer is no, I'm not making 500 pounds per month from Amway. (I only have business in the United States.) Is that about $1000 per month in U.S. dollars? The reason is that I've let a lot of personal issues and poor decisions get in the way. Also, I've been a lot like that friend whom IBOFightBack describes in his latest, excellent blog post at <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.thetruthaboutamway.com">www.thetruthaboutamway.com</a><!-- w --> .
I never get tired of this Smile
I set you up for that one. Wink
Crud - my previous post didn't post :-( Usually MY fault...

Tony - I made $50/month with about zero effort - by retailing.

My Grandfather's business made about 100 times that much each month. (With ample effort!) Yes - people DO make nice profits in this business!
Hi everyone!!
I seldom post anything; kudos to the regulars who "find" time to do so.

Anyway, I thought Tony should be helped in a tangible manner. :hello:

Here's some great news Tony: http://n21guy.com/2011/05/the-uk-is-rocking/

I don't know what LOS Tony's in, the above pertains N21. But it proves new pins are breaking and the Business grows. :yahoo: :yahoo:
"Say Yes 2 Your Potential"
Tonybaloni Wrote:Thank you for your help. However I feel that this guy IBO fightback is most unhelpful I would like to thank everyone for their input. He does not seem to realise that I like many others got in Amway to make money. I see it as a business. Not a job. I have spent hours reading the posts on this forum and I have noticed that this guy seems to be a bit of a fanatic. And has little grasp on reality of the business here in the UK. I think it is more than just reasonable for a prospect to ask these questions its vital.

and as for this statement "It is not unexpected someone would ask these kinds of questions; there is an (inaccurate) "feeling" that such details matter."

inaccurate ? I think I best leave this forum now before you guys ruin any chance I have. If you believe that a simple thing like making a profit from your business is something that don't matter then God help us.


Tony, sorry for your experience here.

You are not alone in believing that your questions are relevant and important.

This page was linked from a news story I read today. It is from the Federal Trade Commission, the government organization that oversees multilevel marketing and prosecutes fraudulent pyramid schemes. The United States government specifically advises people to ask the kinds of questions that you asked here:

FTC FACTS for Consumers
The Bottom Line About
Multilevel Marketing Plans
and Pyramid Schemes

Asking Questions
Here are some important questions to ask
your sponsor and distributors at different
levels of the organization. Their responses can
help you detect false claims about the amount
of money you may make and whether the
business is a pyramid scheme.

1. What are your annual sales of the
product? How much product did you sell
to distributors? What percentage of your
sales were made to distributors?

One sign of a pyramid scheme is if
distributors sell more product to other
distributors than they do to the public.
2. What were your expenses last year,
including money you spent on training
and purchasing products? How much
money did you make last year — that
is, your income and bonuses minus your
How much time did you spend
last year on the business? How long have
you been in the business? How many
people are in your downline?

It’s important to get a complete picture
of how the plan works: not just how
much money distributors make, but also
how much time and money they spend
on the plan, how long it takes to make
money and how big a downline is needed
to make money.


College students ask the same questions about potential careers- "What kind of money does a lawyer/nurse/police officer ACTUALLY earn?"

So yes, your questions are valid. And they deserve to be answered. You are doing your homework, the same as any smart business person. You are asking the kind of questions that Federal Trade Commission recommends people ask.
Whoa...saddened in so many ways.

Not the least of which is the blind following of yet another government created, completely illogical position.

If Obama himself said people should ask the questions listed here, they would NOT, "Give a complete picture of how the plan works, of how much time and money they can expect to spend on the plan, of how long it take them to make money, or of how big a downline is needed to make money" beyond the printed and usually provided material.

Sorry to see Tony and Mich go....
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