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Where have all the Monavie earners gone...?
(2011-10-30, 03:23 AM)ajgannon Wrote: By the way, hi everybody! I've missed y'all.

Hi AJ!
I was just thinking about to today as I was going through my PMs (since I was at my limit on this new format) and wondering how you were doing. Smile
(2011-10-29, 09:27 PM)roadwarriorone Wrote: Ok thank you IBOFIGHTBACK. I cant for the world understand why I am at 0. What does the warning beside my zero mean.

Everybody starts at zero as of a few weeks ago. It will take time for people to start using it.

The "warning level" is number of warnings you've received, which at present can come only from me and I think AJ. Anyone reaches 100% I'll ban them temporarily.

So 0% there is good Wink

Taking me a while to work out the new format too. I need to install more smilies!

PS Hi AJ! Hope you've been well
Hi Aj - nice to see you are still around!!!!!!
'The only way I can succeed in business is to proactively do something for 'MY BUSINESS' every day'
I look to the Future - for the Future is where I'm going to spend the rest of my Life
(2011-10-30, 04:02 PM)ibofightback Wrote: I need to install more smilies!

[Image: ban-woohoo.gif]


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