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Weird stuff going on
ajgannon Wrote:By the way, off-topic, how come there were 193 people on the site at once on Tues., April 5, when I only ever see a few people on the site whenever I visit (usually about 4 guests, and two registered users, not including bots)? What causes a spike like that?

no idea! I hadn't even notice that. Was probably spammers trying to create accounts .... :glare:
MichMan Wrote:Hoping I don't get redirected to Tex's website... here goes...

I prefer the idea of redirecting you to the double x purchase off my website Big Grin
IBOFB I notice that after posting a message the page no longer automatically returns to the post as it did before.
To reach your destination take one step at a time - remember they may not all be in the same direction!

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