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Odd old Amway training tape question
back, over 20 years ago, I was in Amway, and sure enough, I bought into the training tapes.
Most were interesting, but not memorable.
There was one, however, that I've never forgotten...
Problem is I can't remember WHO it was.
I know he talked about growing up on a farm, and now that he had money he had buckets full of gloves because he never wanted his hands to be cold again.
I remember he told a story about buying different cars, like a Rolls because foreign cars got good gas mileage. That didn't work so he bought a Porsche because it was small, but it didn't get good gas mileage. He ended it with "it costs so much to economize!"
For whatever reason, I started thinking about this tape this weekend, and I am becoming obsessed with trying to figure out who it was, what tape, and how to get ahold of a copy.
Any ideas?
It might help if you mentioned what motivation group you were being taught by??
I was part of the Dexter Yager group, that's as much as I remember...
Hi Jon,
The tape you're refering to is by Fred Harteis who was in Yager's Group. It came out around 1990? Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of this tape, but I too listened to it alot. The bad news is that Fred & Linda Harteis parted company with Amway back in 2008, but his frontline Diamond Brett Deimler is still very much involved. Brett lives in Pennsylvania & he spoke awhile back at one of our functions.
Awesome! That rings a bell, and the timeline would be perfect.
now, to find an old copy of it - preferably as an mp3 (because I don't even own a tape player any more)!

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