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Amway first year retention rate
Found some news on Amway North America's first year renewal rate, and it's stunning!
Wow! Impressive!

(An editorial detail: you might want to add the "y" to Sandy Spielmaker's name.)
fixed! thanks.
"The program resulted in a 76% retention rate in its first year – 46% higher than previous rates."

I read this report last week. This should read "46 percentage points higher."

To go from 30% of first-time IBOs renewing, to 76% of first-time IBOs renewing is not 46% higher. It's 165% higher.

New rate minus old rate=
76-30 = 46

Difference divided by old rate=

1.65 = 165%

Just like you said, "That’s a better than 150% improvement."

Just one of my little pet peeves of professionals, who write press releases, not knowing the difference between percentage points, and percentages. Smile
That is a nice statistic, and very impressive (especially as it's just North America).
That is just tear-in-the-corner-of-my-eye AWESOME!!

I've ALWAYS said that IBO retention is the key to a solid business. Period. And it's not that hard to keep people around, if you just treat them decently.

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