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Yager Seminar Ireland
ibofightback Wrote:While I don't personally have a UKROI business, I have both upline and downline with business there and they assure me that none of the principles of goal setting, people skills, sales, self-confidence, motivation, persistence, product knowledge, leadership etc etc etc etc etc have changed significantly cf with other markets

But hey, if you say so .... Cool

Hey I do say so! Tongue

As Jim Rowan said"I now read everything" :rotfl:

I repeat again what I said. :banghead:

Have you tried to build the Business using the UK/RoI model then?????????????? :dontknow:

I know one thing for certain as I have built the business in the UK using the old model and used the new post Court Case model and I can assure you they are totally different. :crazy: Rolleyes

I am talking about the BUSINESS MODEL if you prefer the MECHANICS or in computer speak which I am sure you will understand the HARDWARE. Smile

You are talking all about the software which I agree has not changed :yahoo:

What has changed is the way that the software interfaces with the hardware Confusedhock:

That is where all the problems are coming from :rant:
To reach your destination take one step at a time - remember they may not all be in the same direction!

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