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I Am A Champion
Gooooood Mornin'

My brother is a college football coach, and this is a great example of well-leveraged energy and inspiration for getting a job done...I have seen several like this.

I especially love his stories of off-season recruiting; travelling the country looking for players to add to the team, increasing the effectiveness of the team and the perceived value of the school.

Though some of the best get "free" rides, most pay something significant (even if subsidized with "outside" funding), few progress beyond college ball (VERY few), and few leverage the education once out of school.

There are no guarantees; statistically being a part of the team, or college in general, reflects pretty poorly regarding initial ambitions over the long-term. The competition is fierce, the costs are plenty, and often high, and it is among the few examples where the need for talent - as opposed to a primary need for skills - is paramount.

This is REAL inspiration. REAL vision development. REAL team development. REAL clarity. REAL life.

Amway and the overwhelmingly similar (as opposed to "sinister") approaches by most AMOs to inspire people towards achievement and excellence is another example.

I used to think it was all pretty weird.

Thanks to my bro...not so much any more.

He says no matter how motivated or talented they are, they have no clue how good they can be, and only a couple will ever work hard enough to come close.

And that's WITH a significant pressure to succeed...

Cool post.

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