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iCook - smaller set or buy by unit
I have customers and IBOs who would love to own iCook but some (a) simply don't have the economy to purchase the lot upfront (or even over 6 months) or (b) simply don't have the need for the whole set. In today's world a single or couple/small family household basically needs a frying pan and a couple of saucepans. In Amway Europe the smallest set of cookware is a 7 piece saucepan set with no frying pan or 3 frying pans with no saucepans.

I'd imagine in the US there's also lots of households that don't need (or wouldn't use) a whole set.

How about letting people pick which items they want to buy individually, or at the least introduce a set designed for singles and couples who have no plans to audition for MasterChef?

I think an ideal set would be a standard handled frying pan and 2 different size sauce pans, each with lids. :beg:
That's a smart idea - once people find out how awesome the cookware is - they might give the smaller set to the kid who's moving out - and buy the full set for themselves??

AGES ago, I bought 2 saucepans from the outlet store - they're "Royal Cookware" which was the cheaper version of Queen cookware - and they're STILL like new/don't burn the food, etc. My kids will probably fight over them when I'm gone Wink
Yeah, my mum bought Amway cookware more than 30yrs ago and it's still going strong. One replacement handle I believe.

Fabulous stuff.
The thing *I* like about it is even if something is really stuck to it - a couple swishes with a Scrub Bud and it looks brand new again :-) Can't do that with teflon....
I totally agree with you - the icook should be available in single items - we all have different cooking needs and mix & match id the way to go.
This is the starter set in ROI /UK

iCook™ Starter Set
A great introduction to the iCook Cookware VITALOK™ cooking method. Perfect for demonstrating a great way to cook for better nutrition.
If you're new to iCook™ Stainless Cookware, this set is a great starting point for discovering the benefits of the Vitalok ãcooking method. It's perfect if you want to move towards a healthier, more nutritional way of cooking.

Size: 7 pieces
Order number: 101094
Price: 554.10 EUR
Unit price: 0.00 EUR / n/a
PV: 274.75 | BV: 343.45

1 Litre Saucepan and Lid Ideal for vegetables, fruits, egg dishes, custards, cereals, baby foods, icings, melting chocolate, preparing sauces or reheating.
Junior Sauté Pan and Lid Useful as a small Skillet, to sauté or brown foods, or to prepare fruit and vegetable dishes.
Senior Sauté Pan and Lid Use as a fryer or, with reduced amounts of oil, as a sauté pan. Also useful for sealing in the flavour of roasts, pieced poultry, or other cuts of meat by searing or braising without use of oils.
Junior Dome Lid The Junior Dome Lid can be used to cook large, bulky foods such as whole chickens. It is also a base for Stack Cooking and can be used as a trivet or serving dish when inverted.
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I can only agree that the iCook pans etc. also should be possible to buy "one by one" depending of the needs of the buyer.

What we do in our team is that we sometimes, split a set for people to buy "one by one", mostly offered to ABO's. I'm having a "broken" set home if it's any help for you ibofightback.

svenl Wrote:I'm having a "broken" set home if it's any help for you ibofightback.

Now if only we could do PV transfers in this market! Big Grin
sometimes, i sell pieces of iCook
just get paid with AMWAY products and there are PVs !
I agree, would be nice to get a small set. The only individual one we were able to get was the 10" fry pan with lid. We love it but again don't need the whole set right now. So... these are suggestions but what happens to them after we make them? I highly doubt Amway reads these. Does someone take these suggestions to someone at Amway?

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