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IBOFightback's Guide to the Amway Critics
TWS made an interesting observation over in the comments on TTAA -

Quote:Are there any “current” critics out there? It seems like all the dialogue keeps rehashing the same negative stuff from 10+ years ago.

Bridgett has also pointed out similar things about a number of critics like joeCool, pokerpooner, and Amthrax - their experiences are rather a long time ago.

I thought perhaps I might put together a post about the more prolific amway critics, when and where (if at all) they were involved and who they were involved with, just for a little background for passers by to put the critics experiences and opinions in perspective.

The first thing to do is to decide who to bother with, or whether I should bother at all. I think they have to have their own site or be active on multiple sites. Some candidates that come to mind -

use their own names -
Scott Larsen (amquix)
Robert Fitzpatrick (anti-mlmer - Pyramid Scheme Alert)
Jon Taylor (anti-mlmer - MLM-thetruth)
David Brear (UK, about to publish a book)
Eric Janssen (QBlog inactive now, so not sure about this one)
Imran Azziz (Qblog plus QuixtarSucks blog)
Eric Scheibler (merchants of deception)
Deb (Masselink) (Qblog forums only, but influential)
Rick Ross (cult stuff)
Sidney Schwarz (old)
Russel Glasser (old)
Dave Touretsky (old)
Dean Van Druff (anti-mlmer)

anons -
Pokerpooner (I found he has an anti-amway group on Yahoo Canada)

on the other hand, maybe I just can't be bothered! :glare:

Still, it appears that apart from Eric Scheibler, none of them have much in the way of experience (many have never even been IBOs) and none of them seem to have anything remotely like recent experience.
Now, there were three real loons in the lop-sided and rather shallow Dateline controversy piece, but wasn't "paine_wwweb_r" and his wife two of them?

If so, I would have thought his name was known.

Whoever that guy was, he and the IBO making an a$$ out of himself were real pieces of work that should have left any viewer with no opinion about Quixtar, but some significant commentary on those two.

Now, if you don't mind, I am going to paint my chest, paint my face, and prepare to stand-up shirtless for the world to see at that cultish Cubs game Friday.

With beer.
I was thinking the same thing. That way, we all don't have to keep repeating oursevles, but just keep linking to the post with all the info on these guys.

Right now, the only two Quixtar acknowledges are Scott and Eric <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.quixtarfacts.com/us-en/critics.html">http://www.quixtarfacts.com/us-en/critics.html</a><!-- m -->

But, the one downside is that if you add someone's name to a list, then it feeds in to their desperate need to be somebody, and need of significance, which is what I think some of them are trying to do.

I mean, come on...there is really something wrong with someone who continues to be a part of a community that has them living (negatively) in the past.

I mean, the answers to TWS' question about what positive they've gotten from the biz, just so clearly illustrates that these guys are just looking to be dark and angry and bitter and just a drag to be around.


Really sad actually.

Wearyeyed, enjoy the Cubbies. We used to live at Damen and Waveland. Smile
I actually started a "critics" section on Amway Wiki a while back - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.amwaywiki.com/Critics">http://www.amwaywiki.com/Critics</a><!-- m -->. Perhaps we should start collating known information there.
Go knock yourself out doing that... I know there's nothing else I'd rather be doing Smile
I must of missed this post. The only anon that could be added is "john". Since he's been vocal as of late.

But honestly, the info you have on AmwayWiki about the critics right now is enough for me. Just being aware of you the "players" are. It is nice to know if and when they were involved and with who, but you probably won't get a straight answer out of them anyways. I personally focus more on the critics as a whole and the messeage they're trying to convey. I really could care less about the individual. At least when it comes to their opinions about this business.
Mind you, there's always the possibility of self-insight. I have to say that quite a few of the current Amway critics seem to have been with WWDB in the mid-90s. I wonder if there was anything particular going on in that group then that may have led to that? Any thoughts WWDBers?
Before my time. Big Grin

Although, I do recall hearing about a situation with a DD breaking away (getting kicked out) of WWG for doing some "sneaky stuff", but I'm not sure of the time frame. I believe his name was Jack Daughery??? who then started his own system, International Leadership Development (ILD). But again, nothing concrete here.
"Quite a few"?

Did I miss some?

I think IBOFightBack was probably referring to the very recent (within the last week) discussions on The Truth About Amway. I agree with you. I think the sample size is too small to claim "quite a few".

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