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Dean Kosage leaves WWDB
ajgannon Wrote:Why so worked up over a discussion a few people had here over six months ago?

Also, you're critical of the "guru style of leadership", but appear to be edifying Kosage this way.

Anyways, it sounds like there's some suffering from broken relationships. I'm sorry for that. I hope it all heals up, and people can focus on their own businesses and personal futures.

1. He didn't seem that worked up to me.

2. Why chastise a guy for jumping onto a discussion even if it's old? It wasn't "closed" and he might have a different perspective to offer. Plus he might be a new poster, and nothing's worse than when "regulars" on a forum lecture new posters on stuff like that.

3. It doesn't seem at all like he's worshipping Dean, even though obviously he's sympathetic to Dean.

4. IMO the Guru thing is definitely a problem, and part of the reason why I'm personally not actively building the business right now (I'm doing lots of self use though), perhaps an inherent problem that's one of the challenges in all LOAs within Amway.
You're right. Sorry I came across that way.
ajgannon Wrote:You're right. Sorry I came across that way.

Wanna share some crow?? :hug: :hug:

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