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Winters Team still making Waves
I read that Mr. Larry Winters was thinking of leaving Quixtar, and I think and this just my opinion that that would be tragic because he has been at lease to me a motivating factor in my life about seeking free entreprise and I would very much miss him and his awesome wife, we take for grant many of GODS woderful gifts and we forget what the gifts did for us either to draw us closer or to drive us out to move without excuses but what we overlook is that they the people and their talents are exactly that GIFTS SENT FROM GOD TO MOVE US FROM THE MONDANE TO WORLD FAME so I will be the first to bow my head and thank GOD above for people like LARRY WINTERS AND HIS WIFE, CAUSE they together moved me and gave me a reason to wake up and come out swinging at the dis-confitting devil, letting him know I wont go down without a BLAZING FIGHt!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AGAIN LARRY, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WIFE WITH ALL MY HEART !!! :yahoo: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clapping:[youtubewide][/youtubewide]

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