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Amway China sending 13.000 sellers to ...
Amway is sending 13,000 of its top Chinese sellers to Southern California. The buses full of Chinese tourists started moving through Southern California last weekend, heading to Disneyland and outlet malls in convoys of as many as 100 at a time.

For the next month, they'll keep coming — carrying wave after wave of men and women with money to spend in a mass visit ...

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[Image: 54044566.jpg]

another post of them today Amway exports the American Dream to China


[Image: 54133325.jpg]
This last sentence made me sad:

Amway has, in fact, already announced that next year it will be flying its big earners to Sydney.

Because of the red tape the participants had to go through to get visas :rant: :rant: :rant: What an amazing shot-in-the-arm for the California economy - and the gesture gets buried in red tape......

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