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Memorial Day
Memorial Day
by merrylaugh
of Patriot Guard Riders

It is another day for me. I am at work and wonder if I will get out on time.

And then remember those who went to work

And time stopped for them forever.

I will remember you today, soldier.

You went, you gave, you lived, you died so that

I could have yet another day of work to wonder if I will get out on time.

I speak my mind with ease and with no fear. I don't hide my thoughts

Because I am not afraid of who might hear.

You gave me that peace of mind.

Thank you, warrior, for freedom

Of speech, of assembly, of religion, of the press

You have made the Constitution a guardian of our lives in every way.

Your nation owes you a debt that can never be repayed. Yet we must

Honor your sacrifice and courage and will.

You live yet among us all

As we read and talk and move

About our daily lives with regular routine activities.

We owe you a debt that can never be repayed but we must remember.

Sleep in peace noble one, and may you and your band of brothers know

That each day we breathe that glorious air

Of liberty and peace and jobs and kids

And friends and holidays and games

We are breathing air filtered by blood you gave

And we thank you. We can do no less. But can we do more?
That was beautiful - and I have a special fondness for the Patriot Guard Riders, who give their time and efforts to families who are enduring their darkest hours....
My memorial day is when i travelled to lahore with family, that was a great of my life. I had a lot of fun while traviling to lahore. when we reached there, after our dinner we went to the famous mosque of lahore called Badshahi masjid.That is the most beautiful mosque i've ever seen.It is fifth largest mosque in the world and capable of accommodating 55,000 worshippers in its main prayer hall and further 95,000 in its cortyard, seriously Badshahi mosque is a beautiful place to see i can never forget my that trip to lahore, that is my memorial day.

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