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Two Favorites from My Gaming Days (like yesterday)
Just wanted to share, and get them stuck in your head....



I hope you enjoy!
You're weird, Wearyeyed.
I suppose I am too. I've disclosed some of my musical tastes on this forum. I don't think I've recruited any new Dropkick Murphys fans.
I hate zombies. They deserve to die, again. It’s all of our duties to make sure that happens.
"They buy what the need each month, and if that's not enough to reach their monthly goal, then they should sell stuff to make it." - (insider/IBOFB) explains Amway with no circles needed!
I can remember when games only had 16 colors - and that was flash - cause I can also remember when they came in one color - green. Or if you were really luckily orange.

Now when I teach at uni the students don't even remember life before cell phones...... I'm starting to show my age

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