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Best product for parkinson's disease
If you believe that in principle/general the body can heal itself. Then the question then becomes what does your body need to heal itself? The answer to this questions is not straight forward. For example lets takes a subject such as depression. If someone is depressed they might be depressed due to lack of serotonin (the current medical thinking). In making serotonin the body needs (at least):

Multiple B vitamins
Vitamin C (I think?)

So you can see that someone who has great zinc levels, but poor B vitamins isn't going to respond to a higher zinc intake and vis versa. This is a major problem with trials run my drug companies and medical people. Instead of taking people whose zinc level is low, they just take a large bunch of depressed people, and then wonder why only a small percentage of people are helped. Cause only a small percentage had low zinc.

So to answer the question about parkinsons in the same way. I have no idea about what metabolic pathways are impaired or what is happening at a cellular level that needs to be helped. Therefore no specific product can be recommended.

However going back to the first assumption: That the body can heal itself. Therefore the question should be what does ones body need to have to stay in a healthy state, and hopefully be able to self heal as much as it is possible (sometimes permanent damage is done). The answer to this is:

Double X (if you have only daily look up the double X levels and try and get these levels through other nutrilite supplements, although you will be paying about 2-3 times the price of double X. So double X is great value)
Omega 3 fish oils (assuming that person is not already have a fish meal or high omega 3 foods every day already)
Extra vitamin C. Had to say how much, but more would be needed

Then once the person has been on these for a few months, what positive changes are noticed. Then using this information you could go to see a formally trained "natural" practitioner to see what other herbs/minerals/vitamins can be taken to improve the condition. No point going any earlier as you need to get the body into a more healthy state before seeing what other things are needed.

Hope this makes sense.
Nutrilite/Nutriway Siberianginseng and Ginkgobiloba

* Helps you feel less fatigued, even on those never-ending days

* Targets the adrenal glands, enabling your body to better handle stress

* May also help improve blood flow to the brain and support memory function


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