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Poll: Should Amway make sugar sweetened XS?
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XS energy and artificial sweetener
I'm not sure why you think "not much is know about the toxicity or side-effects" of sucralose? More than 100 studies were evaluated before FDA approval and there's been plenty more since. Include in that is investigating the allegation it may trigger seizures - and no evidence was found to support this.

Having said that, what people believe is also important if you want to market stuff to them, and "all natural" is considered healthier than artificial sweetners. Sugar is absolutely not the answer, it's the source of many of the modern worlds health problems (primarily via increased level of overweight and obese). Sugary carbonated drinks are a health disaster and XS is marketed as a low-cal healthier, good tasting alternative.

What some competitors are doing and I'm aware that XS was looking in to this, is replacing sucralose and other sweetners with Stevia. There have been challenges keeping the taste though.

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